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Dutch version... [Dutch version] is owned and maintained by Rob van der Bijl - However, he uses as a vehicle for co-operation between several specialists (experienced in intelligence, journalism, webdesign, etc.) and experts in the field of Light Rail and related knowledge domains such as: public transport, civil engineering, urban planning, architecture, traffic and transport, as well as economics
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Yellow Page - Contributions ( & LRA): Yellie Alkema, M.Antonia Nieto Diaz, Rob van der Bijl, BLAUWE KAMER, Nelleke Blomhof, Jelle de Boer, Sonsoles Boter, Andrew Braddock, Rudie de Bruin, Noël van Dooren, DSP-GROEP, Aart Eerland, Rieke Eerland, Jeroen Fontein, Martin Glastra van Loon, Arjan Hebly, Guus de Herder, Paul Hölsgens, Marinus de Jong, Lex Koetzier, Axel Kuehn, LA4SALE, Manuel López , Eric Luiten, Marc Maartens, Juliette van der Meijden, Johan Meijer, Klaas Meijer, Marius van Melle, Akkelies van Nes, NIROV, Cristiane. C. Oliveira, Kaz Olzaniecki, Thomas Oostwal, Kumi Otte, Anna Parkhomenko, Kees Pronk, Susan Liebermann, Frederico Sá, Liesbeth Sluiter, Maaike Still, Marcel Walraven, Patrycja Wilczynska, Maurits van Witsen and many others. Thank you all!

Rob van der Bijl is urban planner. Dr. Rob van der Bijl is founder of Feel free to visit his office site "RVDB - URBAN PLANNING":

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Maurits van Witsen is our éminence grise. Professor Maurits van Witsen has been engaged in research and development, specialising in transport and Light Rail for many years, and in many countries. Van Witsen has been consultant in many offices, joined the Netherlands Railways (1969-1993) and was appointed professor in public transport and railway construction (Delft University of Technology, 1978-1995). Since 1999 he jointed a series of's projects. Please, surf to our Van Witsen-page:

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Axel Kuehn is civil engineer, living and working in Karlsruhe, Germany. Matured in the vicinity of the famous Karlsruhe-system -for many years he worked under the regime of notorious Dieter Ludwig. Dipl.-ing. Axel Kuehn has become a sound independent consultant ever since. A consultant who likes to share his independency with all involved in the network.
Axel is a true public transport expert. Light rail, or Stadtbahn as you call it in Germany, is one of his major topics, but he has proven to be capable to address almost all other rail-bound and not rail-bound questions as well. approves his knowledge, skills and his broad orientation, including his HQFW-specialism (High Quality Food and Wine). Axel is and was involved in a series of's projects and initiatives. Be welcome to enjoy his and our joint pages: (with Laurent Py; German and French only currently)


Andrew Braddock is "About, Bus, Overground, Underground, and Tram". Mark his words and his website: ABOUT = "Andrew Braddock on Urban Transport". We admire Andrew's many years of experience at London Buses for instances, not forgetting his special topic of vehicle accessibility, and his knowledge on the complete wire system of all Italian trolley bus cities (yes, this is true...!). And we like the fact that nowadays Andrew is a free man, though our man in England. This is his email address:

"Space Syntax"

Akkelies van Nes is our Norwegian friend. She is nice and allround. Did some translation for our Norwegian pages, but more important, will use her knowledge and skills by applying 'space syntax' - an effective tool for urban analysis, including operational assessments of both architecture, as well as traffic and transport. As a researcher at the University of Technology Delft Dr. Van Nes is one of the few space syntax specialists; please check her university page here... Akkelies still got her 'own' activities (see this page...), which make her even more valuable as our multiple source of intelligence in Norway and other countries. This is her e-mail address:

Martin Glastra van Loon is's intelligence officer at Northwestern America., based at Portland, Oregon. He is an experienced urban planner and designer. Due to his work at the OTAK office, Martin has been involved in several light rail projects. We like his contribution to our ongoing Cascadia-study and we couldn't live without his creative reports on many events in his area of the world.

Frederico Sá is our agent in Porto, Portugal. His full name is, as his city, quite impressive, Frederico Amado de Moura e Sá. We like beautiful Porto and its superb new light rail system.
'Fred' studied at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP). Nowadays he is busy to evaluate Porto's light rail system. We are happy to help him, meanwhile happy that he helps us to be our agent. Feel free to contact him here...


Yellow Page - covers over 40 disciplines and subjects, and offers information on many specialists. Feel free to contact - Rob van der Bijl: by phone +31 6 51083910, or by e-mail


Paul Hölsgens is our agent in the international region of the German city of Aachen and the Dutch city of Heerlen. Recently he worked for in the field of 'intelligence', always got some news for us! But Paul's real profession is language, German and French. He did some severe translation jobs for Light Rail Atlas. He teaches French at a secondary school, and is specialised in the subject of different language cultures in his international 'Euregion' - Feel free to write him:


Maaike Still is our woman in France, particularly Strasbourg. She helps to translate documents and speeches. And even more important, she opens the complicated French social fabric for our research projects and study tours. Feel free to contact her here...


Haarlem, centre

Thomas Oostwal has been particularly helpful during our light rail research for the Dutch City of Haarlem (2000-2002). Thomas studied Urban Planning at the University of Groningen (NL) and the University of Washington in Seattle (USA, WA). He has become a consultant civil-engineering for a recruitment firm. Meanwhile, we keep in touch. This is his e-mail address:


Anna Parkhomenko Translated a lot of Russian for us. But we rely on her for issues regarding economics and governance too. No coincidence, as Anna studied regional economics at the Academy of Technology and Economics of St.Petersburg (Russia) and got her MA degree in economics at the Business School of the University of Plymouth (England). She speaks and writes Russian, English and Dutch. Please choose one of these fine languages if you want to e-mail her:

Ivanovo (Russia)

Johan Meijer Years ago Johan finished his study at the University of Technology Delft (Netherlands). Nowadays he is busy with '1000 things'. uses his expertise in many fields. All and all we conceive Johan as our intelligence officer, well known in the former Sovjet Union (e.g. Ivanovo) and other remote areas in the world. In case you want to e-mail him, please, click here...

Juliette van der Meijden studied architecture in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). Yet during her study she worked at the famous architectural office of Paulo Casé. Now she operates her own office called 'Urban Visions'. likes her skills and particularly her urban visions. A good reason to welcome her in the network. Please surf to her site here…, or send her an e-mail here…


Noël van Dooren is our landscape architect. Well experienced in a series of projects in both Germany and Netherlands. In 2005 Noël supported us in collecting data regarding the tram/busway in the Germen city of Oberhausen. But Noël's true link to is his knowledge of the Karlsruhe region where he used to pick grapes in the summer. Noël van Dooren and Rob van der Bijl published a common article on the Karlsruhe's 'tram-train' in the Dutch magazine BLAUWE KAMER, summer 1997. In fact that article marked the birth of Light Rail Atlas. Feel free to contact Noël here...

Yellie Alkema We are happy with Yellie Alkema in our network because she is very experienced with area development. April 2007 she founded her own office called SYARK. BTW: what a beautiful name. She studied art history and used it to establish her career as private and public consultant. Yellie is also experienced as manager of spatial developments and moreover she has international experience with Interreg-projects. This is sure: she is of great value for us. Surf to herr site, or send her an email



Jelle de Boer Some years before was established on the internet architect Jelle de Boer M.Arch. worked with us on a major assignment of public transport company 'RET' of the Dutch city of Rotterdam. This early project incorporated the redesign of metro station Maashaven (1992-1995). Jelle studied architecture at the University of Technology Delft (Netherlands) and Harvard University (USA, MA). He is happy to be on our Yellow Page. Soon a link to his website here...


Marc Maartens is an independent, true public transport specialist, involved in journalism and consultancy. appreciates and uses his thinking and writing. In The Netherlands Marc is well known as publicist and as chairman of public transport related discussions and events. Moreover he was initiator and member of the Board of the foundation "Public Transport Bicycle". This is his e-mail address:

Yellow Page - your on line source of's knowledge, skills and information. Any questions? Feel free to contact - Rob van der Bijl: by phone +31 6 51083910, or by e-mail


Liesbeth Sluiter is a freelance photographer and journalist eager to report on environment, landscape and architecture. Thus she made a book about dams in the Mekong river (Vietnam), and works for several magazines. She likes to work for too, but on some days she prefers to wander about on foot, by bike or boat. Nevertheless this approach enabled her to report on transport related topics like a parking lot in the small Dutch village of Emmen, and for instance a never built highway in Holland between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Some years ago she shot some pics for us in Vancouver, Canada (see the 'Sky Train' bridge above). Summer 2004 she interviewed Enrique Peñalosa, former major of Bogotá (Columbia), and discussed with him his high quality busproject called TransMilenio. We are proud to link to her web site:

Lex Koetzier Long ago his grandfather was a steamtram driver, but Lex is involved in contempory work on architecture and media, that's why he is our webdesign specialist. In 1998 he reshaped for us Light Rail Atlas into a cutting edge website. We like to invite you to visit Koetzier's site and enjoy his recent webdesign work. Please, click here...


Klaas Meijer is our creative man in The Netherlands, particularly Haarlem - never a dull moment with Klaas. He is well informed on culture and politics and promotes light rail and high quality public transport. Feel free to contact him here...


Kees Pronk Tramway photography is his true hobby, but Kees Pronk succeeds meeting professional standards. His 'pics' are superb. is happy to use his images frequently. For instance, Kees joined us on a case study site visit to the high quality busproject 'Zuidtangent' in the region of Amsterdam (we needed his pics for Interreg IIIB project 'HiTrans'). Great pictures (see example above). Buses in stead of trams seem no problem for Kees. Though his Dutch website is addicted to trams:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does promotes light rail?
Yes and no! Yes, does promote light rail, though other forms of high quality public transport too. For instance, we believe that in many cases the use of buses can be a smart thing to do. is just a group of rail hobbyist?
No! represents certainly not a hobbyist organisation or activity. is very professional.

Is a company?
No, represents a network of professionals who are related to several companies and institutions. They co-operate in projects in various, short or long time combinations. Sometimes they meet frequently, but another time ad hoc. They work together to deliver value.

Belongs to the Light Rail Transit Association?
No, but a few of the partners are member of LRTA. Though most of them are member of other institutions, such as
the Association for European Transport or of professional council organisations.

Is Dutch? is an international group, but the founder of, Rob van der Bijl, is a Dutchman.

Is located in Amsterdam?
The website of is produced and maintained in Amsterdam mainly and runs on the server of XS4ALL, an Amsterdam-based provider of the very first generation. However, as a network of professionals is footloose. The associates of meet on the world wide web or face to face in different cities. But we must admit that we all love Amsterdam. and Light Rail Atlas are the same?
Light Rail Atlas is a showcase of light rail and other forms of urban public transport. It is independent of So, Light Rail Atlas and are not the same. Light Rail Atlas is a project of Rob van der Bijl and produced and maintained by his urban planning firm, RVDB. As Rob is highly involved in one may assume that the interaction and linking between Light Rail Atlas and work out fine.

The core business of is rail?
Yes and no. What's in a name? is about (light) rail. So, yes rail is our core business. But this business involves more than rail alone. Working on urban rail projects entails urban planning and many other professional domains. So, no! Rail as such is not our core business. Maybe we should describe our core business as 'transit oriented development'. However such a label doesn't reflect's expertise in very specific topics like 'tram-train' or bicycles.

How do I contact
It is very easy to contact One straightforward way is to use the e-mail address of Rob van der Bijl. Another is to e-mail one of the other partners. You can find all their e-mail addresses on this page.


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Urban planning Rob van der Bijl, Yellie Alkema, Martin Glastra van Loon, Juliette van der Meijden, Akkelies van Nes, Thomas Oostwal
Transport & Traffic Andrew Braddock, Frederico Sá
Public transport Maurits van Witsen, Andrew Braddock, Marc Maartens, Axel Kuehn, Frederico Sá
Light Rail & HQPT Axel Kuehn, Maurits van Witsen, Rob van der Bijl
Urban design Rob van der Bijl, Martin Glastra van Loon, Juliette van der Meijden, Jelle de Boer
Architecture Jelle de Boer, Juliette van der Meijden, Kaz Olzaniecki
Civil engineering Axel Kuehn
Landscape architecture Noël van Dooren, LA4SALE
Rolling stock Andrew Braddock
Study tours Rob van der Bijl, Axel Kuehn, NIROV
History Marius van Melle
Economics Anna Parkhomenko
Crime prevention DSP-GROEP, Manuel López
Translation Paul Hölsgens, Akkelies van Nes, Anna Parkhomenko, Maaike Still
Journalism Marc Maartens, Liesbeth Sluiter, BLAUWE KAMER
Intelligence Paul Hölsgens, Martin Glastra van Loon, Johan Meijer, Klaas Meijer, Akkelies van Nes,
Governance Anna Parkhomenko
Web design Lex Koetzier
Photography Liesbeth Sluiter, Kees Pronk

Yellow Page - covers over 40 disciplines and subjects, and offers information on many specialists. Feel free to contact - Rob van der Bijl: by phone +31 6 51083910, or by e-mail

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Study Tours. Cascadia and its vulcano landscape is one of our spots. Behind the Cascadia mountains are cities like Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.
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Yellow Page - meet our partners, colleagues and friends!

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Yellow Page - covers over 40 disciplines and subjects, and offers information on many specialists. Feel free to contact - Rob van der Bijl: by phone +31 6 51083910, or by e-mail



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