Bicycle Links

Please enjoy some of our links.

Our bicycle image site at Instagram:

Amsterdam is a true bicycle city; but this wasn't achieved overnight. Learn more about the cycling policy of Amsterdam:

The Dutch Cycling Embassy Foundation:

The Dutch Cyclists Union with 35 thousand members, owning 13.5 million bicycles:

The members of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark represent a wide range of areas of expertise in terms of cycling:

Bicycle urbanism for modern cities, since 2007:

Bikeyface is written and illustrated by Bekka Wright (Somerville, MA). Bekka -artist, writer, filmmaker, connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies- cycles all around Boston area:

Flat Iron Bike - Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia:

Documenting Livable Streets Worldwide:

"London Cyclist exists to make your every day cycle that bit more enjoyable", says founder Andreas:

Exemple of a good (German) route planner:

Another route planner (from the UK):