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Ljubljana, Slovenia (1996-2002)

Axel Kuehn acted as the project leader for the Ljubljana tramway and tram-train studies throughout his TTK-time. After an initial feasibility (system) study the scope was widened and did include in a second phase also a detailed (pre-)design of the project corridors. The final report for the project, which was jointly financed by Slovenian Railways (SZ) and Ljubljana municipality, was delivered in late 2002.

As a by-product of the deep involvement with Ljubljana traffic aspects and also with regard to the important role of the main station in the TramTrain-project Axel Kuehn was also invited to take part in the architect's competition for the reshape of the Ljubljana main station as a member of the jury (reviewer for the traffic aspects). In the last phase of the competition he took part already as an independent consultant. The only other non-Slovenian jury members have been the architects Prof. Meinhard von Gerkan, Germany and Peter Lorenz from Austria.

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