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Freiburg (2003)

2002-2004 have been the years in Germany when all the Local Transport Plans (German term: "Nahverkehrsplan" (NVP)) had to be revised for the first time, after regionalisation regulations had brought up this new planning instrument in about 1996-1997.

The Freiburg based consultancy BVU (Beratergruppe Verkehr und Umwelt) had put up the first NVP for the regional PT-planning authority ZRF in 1997 and was therefore a serious candidate for the revision. BVU decided to invite two independent consultants for their bid, Axel Kuehn with concentration on the railway traffic part, Dietmar Maier with concentration on the bus part of the plan.

The independent consultants played an important role in the project team, being responsible for all traffic planning aspects, including the analysis of the target achievement of the first plan and the definition of measures for the revised plan 2004-2008 and also for the public consultation of the plan with more then 100 involved stakeholders in the whole region.

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