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Graz (1993-94; 2005)

The feasibility study for a TramTrain scheme in Graz, in co-operation with the Graz Technical University (Prof. Riessberger) and the consultancy of Dr. Sammer, was one of the first foreign projects handled by Axel Kuehn. At that time still part of the planning staff of VBK/AVG he was seconded to VCK, the consultancy subsidiary between 1991 and 1996, for this project.

His mother being born in the Graz region he somewhat returned to the roots with this project!

No decision on the project being taken for the next ten years, Axel Kuehn returned to Graz again in September 2005 on invitation of the Austrian Greens to speak about modern and innovative solutions in the field of regional light rail.

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