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Kassel (1998-99; 2005- )

Axel Kuehn was project manager for TTK in the 1998-99 period, when the Passenger Transport Authority of North Hessen (Nordhessischer Verkehrsverbund (NVV)) initiated a feasibility/system study regarding an introduction of TramTrain in the Kassel region. The study under the heading "Schiene 21" (still being in the 20th century then!) was jointly delivered with the consultancy wing of the Kassel operators KVG.

This work was creating the birthplace of today´s RegioTram scheme, the third German TramTrain project.

Axel Kuehn has kept a good relation to Kassel over the years and is currently supporting Kassel/NVV in view of growing visitor numbers and the need of adapted publicity/marketing features related to foreign visitors.

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