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London (2004-2006)

Axel Kuehn for some years had developed a good relation to London Transport, now TfL.

After successful implementation of the Croydon project two further tramway projects are under discussion: the West London and the Cross River scheme. Both projects, but especially the West London project, face very narrow street conditions at least in major parts of the network. This background was responsible for launching a study project on the subject of "Shared Stop infrastructure for Trams and Buses".
Axel Kuehn did investigate accessibility conditions and solutions in a variety of tram systems, concentrating on the interface between platforms and rolling stock. The study did further look on the experience and approach in systems which practise already a mixed use of stops with trams and buses, but also on solutions in pure (high quality) bus schemes, as e.g. Zuidtangent.

Some concentration was put on the kerb solutions developed in Germany ("Kasseler Bord", "Dresdener Kombibord", but also on solutions in Switzerland and France.

In summary it became clear that joint use of platforms by buses and trams must not necessarily mean a reduced accessibility (by missing vertical/horizontal gap criteria). There are solutions available both for the "low low-floor" (20-29cm) and the "high low-floor" (30-35cm) platform categories.

As an outcome of the study a follow-up project has been established which will in spring 2006 result in the construction of a test stop in the Croydon depot and a test operation with a variety of buses being used by London Buses.

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