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Luxembourg (1997-98; 2005)

Axel Kuehn was during 1997-98 the technical project leader for the Northern Section of the planned Luxemburg TramTrain-System. The consortium for this project corridor consisted of TTK, Schroeder & associés, Luxconsult and Semaly, one of four consortia working on this project.

After the political out for the scheme shortly after and the re-launch of the TramTrain project as a tangential scheme, the planned link from the Dommeldange railway line up to the Kirchberg plateau remained part of the project.

Axel Kuehn returned to Luxembourg in 2005 with an involvement in Dudelange, subcontracted by Trafico, Vienna/Luxembourg. Dudelange as one of the outer branches of the Luxembourg rail network faces now the question, with also the tangential TramTrain scheme heavily postponed, whether planned improvements regarding the urban integration of the railway line in Dudelange will still be possible on shorter notice without TramTrain implementation.

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