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Rastatt (2004-2005)

The Rastatt involvement is a very typical one for independent consultants in the true sense.

Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV) was since the mid-nineties developing another light rail project which was aimed to deviate from DB infrastructure through the city centre of Rastatt and then further towards the Baden Airpark, a former military airport now being used as the Karlsruhe regional airport. With regard to the project history two separate benefit-cost studies had been prepared over the years: one dealing just with the inner city alignment in Rastatt (1996) and then a later one dealing just with the Airpark-extension (1997), but there was no joint and up-to-date benefit-cost-analysis for the whole project available. Rastatt municipality, in order to support a political discussion and decision in the city council, was urging KVV, Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (AVG) and Rastatt County, which had taken the lead for the airport light rail project to establish such a new study - also with regard to new rules for the German standardised benefit-cost analysis empowered since 2000.

When no progress was made, Rastatt decided in late 2003 to order a proper, independent benefit-cost-analysis and approached Axel Kuehn, who was known from his AVG/TTK-times and who also knew the project from earlier involvements.

Finally the project team BVU - Kuehn - Maier, which had shown already a very good co-operation in Freiburg (see above), was assigned and did deliver in late 2004 the final report.

It showed out a negative result for the project and this although the project team was very eager not to appear as the grave diggers of the project and took a pretty "conservative" approach regarding the infrastructure and rolling stock costs using just the estimated infrastructure costs which had been approved by KVV/AVG in further studies and some political announcements!

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