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This archive page contains a small selection of early specials, news items, opinions, and our famous case study on Portland, Oregon.

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Selection of early years news

Examples of low-cost light rail solutions in North America
1997: Tom Larwin (San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board) & Cliff Henke (METRO Magazine)
The light rail renaissance in North America had modest beginnings. As such, these cities (e.g. Calgary, San Diego) could provide models for others in both developed and now developing nations looking to improve their rail urban transport infrastructures.

Buses are boring and trains are sexy?
2002: Rob van der Bijl (LRA)
Are there many differences between buses and light rail? Yes! Do they provide similar performences? No! Or as a former mayor of Los Angeles once replied: "Buses are boring. Trains are sexy."

Case study
Portland (Oregon):
Transport Oriented Development in Cascadia

2001-2004: Rob van der Bijl (LRA)
This Case Study considers the regional public transport system of Portland (OR). Urban development can be guided with the help of high-quality public transport rail-infrastructure. Portland's Light Rail MAX is a success. This superb system supports regional and urban planning, while both Portland Streetcar and MAX serve as tools of urban renewal.

Light rail panorama
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