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Light Rail Atlas's High Quality Transport Experts and their showcase LIGHT RAIL ATLAS. Also in Dutch.
RVDB URBAN PLANNING -'s expert Rob van der Bijl's office site. Also in Dutch.
Our study tour page. Discover HQPT and TramTrain projects all around the world. Van der Bijl & Kuehn will be happy to guide you.
Our TramTrain page.
by Rob van der Bijl & Axel Kuehn.
Also in German and French.
Please check also our workshops: here...
Our page related to innovative regional rail services. There is a world beyond and 'below' tram-train! The 50 issues method developed for tram-train and described here is also usable for those projects with slight adaptations/modifications. The recent Grenland study (see link above) is an example for this!
The of professionals. So,
meet our partners, colleagues and friends!
Our comprehensive documentation on light rail in The Netherlands, including high quality bus solutions. Enjoy the systems of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and much more...
Our new international bicycle site! wants to explore all of their opportunities and qualities. English only.
Our many smart bus solutions - introduction only. Soon more to come!
Our overview of an often overestimated transport technology. This page will come, but please be patient...
Our site on Toyama (Japan). We present our case study on this Japanes TramTrain showcase.
Our site dedicated to the United Kingdom and all its light rail cities. Transport Oriented Development and the Use of Light Rail in UK's conurbations.
Don't forget to check our Dublin-page too.
Luas, the Irish word for 'speed', is the name of the new Light Rail system for Dublin and its suburbs.
Our site on tramway and light rail systems in France. In French and Dutch only.
The Spanish light rail scene has been changed dramatically. Light rail plays a key role - as for instance the new systems in Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, and València prove.
Our site on Stockholm (Sweden). 'Stockholms Lokal trafik' (SL) is the Public Transport Authority and commissions all public transport in Stockholm (city and region).

External links was a great source of inspiration for our 'younger sister' in Sweden.
Our Danish 'sister site' - Letbaner.DK!
Our friends in Austin, Texas.
Our friends in Italy.

Our friends in Turkey.
Light Rail Consultancy - James Harkins.
Association for European Transport. Yes, we are member!
Interreg IIIB project on HQPT for medium sized cities.'s expert Rob van der Bijl (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and his partner Axel Kuehn (Karlsruhe, Germany) are appointed experts of this project.
The results of HiTrans will be presented at the HiTrans international conference in Århus, Denmark, September 22-23, 2005. At this conference the main findings of this unique project will be summarised and discussed. You are welcome to participate. Information and registration: click here...
Our friends in Linz (Austria).
"RailFrance votre portail ferroviaire" (French site)
Mobilitéit zu Lëtzebuerg - Light Rail news from Luxembourg
Comprehensive site on "safe living, working, playing and being". Also in Dutch.

Web Directory of Resources, including Ask an Expert, Free Submissions are Welcome Dutch portal site. Comprehensive!