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Light Rail is a convenient means of regional and city transport. It is not just another buzzword. A mixture of tram and train, light rail not only links urban and rural areas, but also creates opportunities for urban development.
Our enterprise, offers expertise from Europe for a world-wide group of users. combines knowledge from different professional domains, such as transport, urban planning, management and economics.

To Dutch Rail Sector ... supports DUTCH RAIL SECTOR, a stage that comprehensively presents the rail system of the Netherlands for a world audience. Please use this link...
Syntropher & TramTrain technology - Brussels 2014 Please, download our report LIGHT RAIL EXPLAINED here...
Assigned by EMTA (European Metropolitan Transport Authorites), Paris 2014.
Congres - 21 januari 2010 - NBC Nieuwegein More light rail information on our Dutch pages here...
Congres - 21 januari 2010 - NBC Nieuwegein Download Groningen (NL) RegioTram analysis: 'Ontspoord Tramproject' (in Dutch) here...



To Investing in the City... Our big book! Lessons from 61 light rail projects. Coming soon!

High quality public transport (e.g. light rail) in our view should be linked to high quality bicycles and infrastructures. See:

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SmartBus: our webpage and consultancy. See:

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