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Bicycles are fun! Cycling is great. Rob van der Bijl and his partners love cycling. Working on cycling and urban planning represents our favourite practice. High quality public transport (e.g., light rail) in our view should be linked to high quality infrastructures, bicycles and their users. GoDutchCycling labels a wide-ranging practice of multidisciplinary co-operation addressing four major subjects = Changing culture, clearing the way for future bicycle-use = Creating awareness for possible projects = Designing particular projects and addressing technical and practical issues = Assessing cycling potentials in cities worldwide.

In our projects GoDutchCycling shows some cities and projects staged in a wide variety of places. From Amsterdam as pioneer and leading cycle city to urban environments and towns like Willemstad (Curaçao) where cycling is still a rare phenomenon. Sometimes our work focused on creating awareness of the many positive features of cycling. And sometimes we had to fight against prejudices. In more favourable environments we were able to suggest some real projects. Always we are aware of the importance of a cycling culture. Download our project brochure here... (updated version coming soon)

At Instagram GoDutchCycling shows photos of #cycling & #cycle situations #architecture. These are some of tags: #Amsterdam #urbanplanning & cycle expertise #bicycles #bikes #brompton, #cycling, #Tokyo, and much more ...

A matter of culture - GoDutchCycling in the media. Here is an example from The Boston Globe. Rob van der Bijl (GDC), an urban planner in Amsterdam, said it’s a common assumption: “Well, there are (in NL) a lot of amenities, infrastructure, et cetera for bicycles — so, hence, bicycles are successful,” he said. But he argues that in reality, the opposite is true: “The existence of all these facilities and infrastructure are the result of the success, not the cause of the success.”
In short, the answer to replicating the Dutch bicycling success in America might be a lot more complicated than building better bike lanes. “In one word,” Van der Bijl said, “I would say it’s a matter of culture.” (By Martine Powers, The Boston Globe, September 22, 2013)
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GoDutchCycling is proud member of the Dutch Cycling Embassy: a public private network for sustainable bicycle inclusive mobility. The Embassy represents the best of Dutch Cycling: knowledge, experience and experts offered by private companies, NGO’s, research institutions, national and local governments. Please, check DCE ...

GoDutchCycling is developer and manager of the Dutch bicycle community (Fietscommunity), a platform mapping bicycle knowledge and research. state of the art cycling expertise becoming available for applications across the world. The Dutch Bicycle Community. The Dutch Bicycle Community links all Dutch cycling stake holders and experts. Their Fietscommunity platform - designed and maintained by GoDutchCycling e.o. - documents all major research projects and shares with you their experiences, knowledge and enthousiasm. So, visit the website here ... (in Dutch).



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